• CinderFallFan64

    Hi I'm Bubbyaustin And I'm Here To Rant About The Nintendo 2DS Really Nintendo? Really? Is Like A 3DS Expect Is Not 3D And It Never Closes Is Like A Gameboy Advence Expect Is Not Gameboy I Don't Really Hate Nintendo But I'm Sure That This 2DS Is A Ripoff Of The Gameboy Advence And I Don't Give A Fuck About The 2DS And So The New Smash Bros U Is Coming Out Soon And I Like The 3DS and The Wii U Because At Least Is Not 2D Unlike The 2DS And 3 Words The. 2DS. Sucks. And That's All

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  • CinderFallFan64

    ok that's it

    September 23, 2013 by CinderFallFan64

    I Quit I Quit You Guys Are Supposed To Be My Friends But What You All Are Is Bubbyaustin Haters And I Can't Take It Anymore So Forever Long I Quit Forever

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  • Aranryanchampion

    If you are aware I have made a crossover fighting game on "Making the Crossover wiki" called:

    Millenia Hyper Fighting 2013 OMEGA

    the game reacently got updated with a roster of 50 fighters, instead of 38. This roster also includes some famous people in the Lawl community, while some less famous than others. However there are some people that I feel do not want to be in this game, and I want to ask for their permission. If they do not want to be in, then I will remove them in the next update.

    The people that I feel I need permission for are:




    Steven Star

    If anyone of you want to be removed, then I will remove you. Or if anyone actually wants to be added in, then tell me. You are also fully allowed to tell me who …

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  • The Masked Pope

    Since some people would like to edit on other certain fabulous maggots, this isn't a wiki that is purposed to bash eachother, its only about facts, no nonsense allowed! Nobody disagree, get the Fuck over it even if the person is according to you, a Big.Gay.Ass.Faggot!

    I don't need those useless category on those pages like: "Awesome, stupid, horrible, epic, usefull users, gay ect." Its nothing but nonsense, just write what was really going on that person! Don't brag about how good you are, or how lame an other are, childlish jokes or show how much of a asskisser you really are...

    I will be busy about a few days, so i let ASC, Nightmare and one replacement for me, keep a eye outta this wiki....

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  • CinderFallFan64

    That's It I'm Done With My Life Thanks To ILAR, Bubbyparker And EmperorMetalSonic They Ruined My Life And Now Cpend7 and Kenneth1Chase Think That I'm An Asshole And An Jackass And Is True I Am An Asshole and An Jackass So AlbertWesker100 Is Gonna Take Over For Now On

    So Goodbye Forever - Bubbyaustin The Stupid Asshole And An Jackass

    P.S ILAR If You And Your Friends (Expect For AlbertWesker100 and SuperMario21) Want Me Out Of Your Lifes You Should Have Said So 

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