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Lawl Creator, Video maker


Monterrey, Mexico

Chincherrinas is the founder and creator of Smash Bros Lawl along with The Frollo Show and Leet Fighters. Ever since Lawl boosted in popularity, other people began to make their own Lawl spinoffs and tributes. Chincherrinas is going to start working on Leet Fighters 6, according to his working schedule.

Role in the Lawl CommunityEdit

Most of the Lawlers look up to Chincherrinas and try their best to make videos as great as his. Some also forget to even mention Chincherrinas when regarding their own spinoffs.

While Lawl is his most popular series, Chincherrinas prefers The Frollo Show and Leet Fighters over it. He doesn't pay attention to the World of Smash Bros Lawl Origins Wiki's many Lawl spinoffs. He also never got involved in any of the events surrounding the tributes to his series. He has liked YTPguy17, Agentrockluxury3 and TheYiffingAtheist's Lawl spinoffs though.

In the past, he tried offering I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE advice on cropping and making videos with Sony Vegas. However, he has a strong dislike towards If Amy Rose Was In The Frollo Show. He also wanted more respect shown towards The Frollo Show when GastAmy and the events of IARWITFS was made fanon by Jon.