Derp Helm Luigi ColonelFail




Former Youtube Poop Wiki Dictator

ColonelFail is  admin on YouTube Poop Wiki responsible for driving out I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE and his friends.


After the Lawl wars broke out in full force, DiaryDiarrheaDiorama returned to the YTP wiki and rewrote the Amy Rose page in a hateful manner, starting an edit war with I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE. ColonelFail locked the page on DDD's edit as instructed by her, causing ILAR to leave the wiki for good.

Later, Collaterale1 got fed up with the wiki when Cosmo the Seedrian's page was deleted. Collaterale1 made no effort to try and reason with the admin or realize that Cosmo has little to nothing to do with YouTube Poop.

Fake Collaterale1Edit

Main article: Fake Collaterale1 His lust for rage was not satisfied at that, he mimicked The Fake I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE's idea and did the same with Collaterale. With his account CoIIaterale1 (notice the upper case i's), he made The Adventures of StevenStar777. The account remains up, but is currently abandoned.