Killing one another is a common threat on the internet made by what we call Internet Tough Guys. These threats are always empty, and are used in arguments to show who's the bees-knees, only to make the situation even more immature. Naturally, this has been enthusiastically done many times by the Lawlers.


The most frequent user of the death card. He would not only threaten, but also draw Amy Rose murdering someone who has wronged her in any way(Fiction or non). This has caused some to believe that he will grow up to be a serial killer if he isn't one already.


Cpend7 has developed the same psychopathic tendencies of ILAR. Though he would mostly draw his OC killing a character he doesn't like, there have been two occasions where he has used this on real people.

At one point, he threatened to drop Agito90 and StevenStar777 (well, their OCs) into a vat of acid if they do not "become good and rejoin ILAR". They did not comply since that would require being as delusional and ignorant as little Colin is.

Real DeathEdit

StevenStar777's mother, Rosa Aguilar, tragically passed away some in June-July 2013 due to heart disease. As you'd expect, the trolls offered their condolences while the other Lawlers were too busy to look up from their smashed keyboards to care, calling him heartless. In fact, I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE said that Steven deserved to lose his mother, while Roland Lamb joked about it. Their insensitivity to such a tragic happening caused everyone to frown upon the two even more. This also leads Steven to no longer forgiven anyone who mention her death.