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On 7 January 2013, after Lawl Ultimate was forcibly cancelled, I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE appeared to sink into depression, and therefore Amy Rose did as well. This caused her to turn evil and turn into a kidnapping serial killer.

The Quest of Ebony the HedgehumanEdit

Main article: The Quest of Ebony the Hedgehuman (Series)

This warranted an imaginary video game to be made on the Making the Crossover Wiki. It starred the infamous Ebony the Hedgehuman who was on a quest to stop her evil mother who turned out to be possessed by Jecht, a villain from the Final Fanatsy series. Collaterale1 loved this idea and made an entire series out of it.


On 11 January 2013, a user named GodDamnBats blanked the page, replacing the content with "Nobody fucking cares" andstarted flame war among the users. He got away with it.