Shipping Base

The original base.

The Shipping Meme was created by Pink Koala so one could ship the lawlers together. On August 2, 2013, Stocking Rose posted a base for a shipping meme which it was used by many to the point where it was updated with new options. Oddly, most of the featured ones were non-lawlers. On September 3, 2013, The Masked Pope did his own update of the meme on the WoSBL wiki. At first it excluded Sandvich33, but by request it is all worked out and he's included. It can be seen here:

Obbler's EntryEdit

You've gone too for this time, Obbler!

—-TheStarman's reaction

A week later, ItsOzzyObbler made his own meme in which he paired himslef with all the females, adding hearts to their eyes and tears to the males. What was supposed to be an innocent joke was met with criticism and backlash just because Ozzy had a bad reputation. It's rather funny since it wasn't as disgusting as the others.



As you'd expect, the entries were extremely unsettling with one even resulting in an

Note that this entry was totally acceptable.