On 25 October 2012, the drama began. The peace and prosperity on the Lawl Wiki was disrupted when vandals arrived on the wiki to unleash it all.

The VandalismEdit

Main PageEdit

It all started when an anon editor vandalized the front page of the wiki with "Gay and fuck StevenStar777 also fuck I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE". His edit was undone, but he continued with "Fuck this shit fuck StevenStar777 and fuck I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE you guys need to fuck each other and get it over with", only for it to be undone again. The user went under the name of Daniel Clayton.

The next day, the vandal returned with "Vote for Team Daniel Clayton because it is way better than Elite and Ultimate combined". This caused the members to not undo his edits, but changed them with insults and other butthurt nonsense. This led to a fast paced edit war. Eventually, it came down to just Daniel Clayton and Antkowiyoshimi, but another troll named AwesomeSeaCucumber crept on to the wiki to side with Clayton. Throughout this time, Agito90 would constantly restore the page to it's original form.

Smash Bros. Lawl UltimateEdit

On the Lawl Ultimate page, Daniel Clayton demanded that ILAR take down eith the Amy Rose ot John moveset while AwesomeSeaCucumber wanted all of his movesets and wikis taken down. Antkowiyoshimi argued with the two over the matter. It can be seen here.

I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE's ProfileEdit

Antkowiyoshimi and the two trolls moved on to I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE's profile page. Daniel started with "The name is I0FUCK0AMY0ROSE and I am the worst lawler alongside with my gay friend StevenShit777!". This led to a massive blank and undo war. Later, AwesomeSeaCucumber would add on to Daniel's edit with "I'm surrouned by several white knights who are all virgins." and the two trolls would cooperatively add more onto the paragraph every time they undid Atnkowiyoshimi's blankings. It ccan be sen here.